Languages and areas of expertise

We are expert in translation and interpretation in different areas of expertise. We offer advice and specialise in numerous areas of expertise:

  • Specialist translation
  • Technical translation
  • Multilingual project management tools
  • Audiovisual translation
  • Translation using “indesign”
  • Revision of texts
  • Web page translation
  • Language audit and advice
  • Certified legal translation
  • Market research (please check our specialised website)
  • Professionalism and confidentiality

    TradOnline has a long history of providing translation services for a wide range of companies in the industrial and energy sector across the country with a particularly strong presence in Madrid and Barcelona. At the same time all of these clients, with head offices in cities and countries all over the world, regularly ask us for all kinds of translations in different sectors and languages.

    We're aware of how important respect is, both insofar as deadlines as well as confidentiality. At TradOnline we work hard daily to to handle all types of documents for our clients professionally, on-time and with the utmost confidentiality.