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Do you work in a specialist field? Do you need translation services but worry that the translator will not cope well with the technical language? Relax. At TradOnline we have various specialist translators who work in a variety of sectors. These translators have the specialised vocabulary to tackle your most complex projects with ease, this being said, if they have any doubts we will not hesitate to contact you. In this way, your project is completed to the highest standard.

How does TradOnline choose its translators?

We have been working for more than seven years with the majority of our translators and we trust that they will deliver the best quality translations possible in the quickest time. However, given that we are growing so rapidly, at times we need to take on new translators; this is a process that we take seriously. The selection process for our translators is the same whatever their area of expertise. We closely read the CVs we are sent and choose only those with the most experience in their area.

After this initial filter, we set a translation test to prove their competency and it is in this way that we ensure we work only with the best translators to satisfy the exact needs of our diverse client base.


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