SEO Translations: Use Keywords

Your company's internationalisation requires content being translated into the language of your prospective customers. However, for your customers to find you, just having your website translated is not enough, your company's visibility depends on search engines. Don't forget about how important website optimisation is, and the advantages of multilingual SEO for your business.

At TradOnline we perform an analysis of the keywords which lets your prospective customers find you in search engines. They're very important terms when translating a website since if you want to show up in search engines, it's important to perform an analysis of the key expressions related to your company's business. A website translation means localising the content for each country, which consequently means adapting the keywords, since the terms used in one country do not necessarily correspond to the ones in the countries where you want to do business.

Localise your keywords to increase your visibility

TradOnline will advise you throughout your company's internationalisation process. We offer SEO analysis for every country. Our native-speaking translators will suggest a list of localised keywords which fit the usage and customs of their country working from the original keywords.

Increase your website's traffic by getting good positioning

Your company already has a multilingual website, but turnover isn't increasing as you would have expected? Are your websites not showing up in local search engines? TradOnline will rewrite your content and tailor it to the target audience. Our teams identify the keywords for each country and optimise your website's content and SEO tags (website title, H1, H2, alt, optimised URL, etc.)

Do you want to invest in a paid SEM positioning plan (Adwords, Bing Ads, etc.)? We translate and localise all of your ads. Ask our project managers for advice.

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