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The translation of an e-commerce site has very specific characteristics. In e-commerce the relationship between the buyer and the company is the key to success, with that said, one or two errors in translation can cause the client to lose trust in your site, causing sales to fall. Should you decide to expand your business internationally, to respond to emerging markets and increased demand, then TradOnline has the solution for you. We will translate your site taking into account every little detail from the SEO of your site, to the linguistic content.


Tradonline offers translation services of products catalogue

Within a catalogue of products there are likely to be numerous repetitions (with reference to colour, style, material etc). Thanks to translation tools such as CAT (computer assisted translation) we can identify this repeated content, and then duplicate it after the initial appearance. This saves both time and money. On top of your catalogue, do you have webpages, general conditions of sale or transaction emails to translate? Our Project Managers are skilled in several e-commerce platforms (Prestashop, Magento and others) and can provide a translation directly onto your tool of choice, this leads to a win win situation in terms of timing, cost and quality.


Looking ahead

Is your website evolving? TradOnline can manage these changes through CAT tools. From the initial translation, we can create a translation memory from all the existing content. From this we can create a database of previous translations that ultimately will optimise costs and time frames as your website evolves.



Fundamental to the success of the translation of your web page is the localisation of it, in a country or geographical zone. Localisation ensures that by paying attention to things like units of measure, date format, monetary units and methods of payment that your website receives a better reception from your clients. It can be daunting, but the benefits of localisation are undoubtable and we at TradOnline are here to guide you through the somewhat tricky process.

Other types of specialised technical translations

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