With soaring smartphone sales throughout the world, apps proposing services and/or the sale of products are increasingly widespread. Many companies are developing their own apps to provide less cumbersome browsing for their clients. If you and your company have created a mobile app, you should rapidly consider offering a translated version of it. This will increase your visibility and downloads. TradOnline will help you translate your mobile apps.


Increase the download rate by localising your app

By offering a mobile app in several languages, you increase your chances of reaching a greater number of potential clients. When you think that there are over a billion smartphone users in the world, the question of translation is a real no-brainer! If you translate your app, you increase the likelihood that it will be downloaded, and thus boost potential revenues. Meanwhile, offering an interface in the native tongue of your potential clients provides a far better user experience.


Android, iOS (iPhone), Blackberry, Windows Phone: You can translate apps for every OS

Is your app available on different mobile operating systems? TradOnline’s teams are familiar with different file formats (.strings, .po, .resx, .apk, etc.) and our translators are aware of the different technical aspects of these files.


What is involved in translating a mobile app?

Translating a mobile app requires creativity. This is because one of the specific features of this type of translation is the word count ratio, meaning the difference in length between the text in the source and target languages. Given that this ratio increases by around 20% in translations from English to French, and around 30% from German to French, you can see that our translators need to be highly creative, condensing translations to ensure the same number of characters as in the source language text.

TradOnline’s translators working on mobile app translation projects are thoroughly aware of this problem, and always come up with an ingenious answer.


Other types of specialised technical translations

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